The Cortina Mark One Owners Club (CMOOC) is a family friendly organisation which was formed as the result of a few interested owners getting together after a meeting was advertised on a community radio show in 1993. From the humble beginnings of that roadside meeting we have grown into an organisation with around one hundred members. The Club had several more outings in 1993 and its inaugural meeting was held on the 13th February 1994 at the “Picnic at Hanging Rock” car show. A committee was elected, the first “Cort One” magazine was published in February and in September the club was incorporated under the Office of Fair Trading and Business Affairs.

Since the Clubs establishment the membership has expanded to include, not just Mark one, but also Mk2, TC, TD, TE and TF Cortina’s as well.


CMOOC seeks to promote the preservation, development and regular use of Cortina’s and derivative vehicles through the free interchange of information, ideas, expertise, and occasional trading of spare parts.

Club Activities

The Club holds regular activities centred on the use of our vehicles, including social rallies, treasure hunts, group displays and technical evenings. We are regular attendees at motor sport events such as hill climbs and historic racing. As a member of CMOOC you will receive a membership card, a newsletter every second month, discount at various automotive retailers, discounts on comprehensive motor vehicle insurance and the camaraderie of your fellow members.

Membership Eligibility

Persons of all ages who own, or are interested in Cortina’s may join. You don’t even have to own a car. More details on the membership page.

Small Ford Alliance

The Cortina Mark One Owners Club is a member of the Small Ford Alliance

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CAMS Affiliation

The Cortina Mark One Owners Club is affiliated with CAMS.
This delivers many benefits for the Club and its Members.

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President Lisa Kennedy
Vice President Tim Craig
Secretary Chris Fox
Treasurer Phil Mollison
Events Co-ordinator Committee
Newsletter Murray Duma
Club Permit Administrator Gary Higgs
AOMC Delegates John Luxmore & Mark Jenkins
Interstate Representative – SA Gordon Cowley
Interstate Representative – QLD Gary Saunderson
Committee Members Frank Spiteri
John Luxmoore
David Kolonis
Matt Foye
Vincent Azavedo
Mark Jenkin
Michael Cogley


2001-2002 Neil Kenneady
2002-2003 Yvette Jacobs
2003-2004 David Pretyman
2004-2005 Paul Jacobs
2005-2006 Laurie Daniels
2006-2007 Ian Madden
2007-2008 Phil Mollison
2008-2009 Gary Higgs
2009-2010 Julie Osborne
2010-2011 Tim Craig
2011-2012 Trevor Pickering
2012-2013 Rob & Lyn Van Dijk
2013-2014 no award
2014-2015 John Luxmoore
2015-2016 Chris Fox
2016-2017 Murray Duma
2017-2018 Lisa Kennedy
2018-2019 Ian Madden
2019-2020 no award

Life Members

1 Harry Firth
2 Neil Kenneady
3 George Reynolds
4 Bill Ferrier
5 Laurie Daniel
6 Merv Tracey
7 Graham Fenwick
8 Tim Tracey
9 Tim Craig